I am done with my braille for now. I got an A in the course. It was braille 3, which is un-contracted braille. That means I can now read braille letter by letter. I also know how to read symbols now. Now I can also write letters to the people that know braille. I am done with braille 1, 2, and now I just have to wait for braille 4.
So braille 1 was tactile readiness. It got me use to how to read braille. It was only six lessons and did not take me very long to get done.
Next was braille 2, that was all about the braille alphabet. I already knew this, but took it anyway. It was a good refresher. I was taught the alphabet by a blind woman and it was actually easy. I was unsure about that at first, but it was good learning it from someone who was blind.
Finally I did braille 3 which is grade 1 or un-contracted braille. Like I said earlier it is reading braille letter for letter. This is not that bad for me because I have a very good memory.
Yes learning braille is like learning a whole new language, but like I said I have a good memory. I can remember what dots are in letters, numbers, and symbols. The letter and number thing actually is not that bad. The first ten letters of the alphabet are the same as numbers 1-0, just have to remember to put the symbol for number in front.
Well I am going to go for now. Later.

A Tale of Two Braillers

So on Monday, I returned a brailler. I was borrowing one from the local blind association. It was nice that I could borrow it. I was able to get a sense of how the new one worked. That is definitly not what I was going for, but it was a nice bonus. The driver came Monday and picked up the other one. Now I only have mine to deal with and not two of them. Not that they are huge, but it was annoying. They are heavy little suckers though. I am happy though, I no longer have to worry about the one I was borrowing. Thank goodness. I hate being responsible for others things. Now I am not and that makes me happy. I will write more next week. Later.

Brailler and Long Time No Write

Ok so I have not done anything with this for awhile. I have been busy. I just have been doing things and waiting for my good news.

I have been doing a correspondant course in braille. It has been tough, but I am doing it. I only have one more assignment to do in braille 3. I then have to wait till next year to go on to braille 4. There is a change in the braille I am learning and what they are changing to. Things are going to UEB, which is Unified English Braille. There are not a lot of changes, but enough. Arg. I am doing well in it. It is tough, but I am doing it. I decided that I should learn it since I am blind. I know that I heavily rely on my technology, but with the braille I will be able to do things without the technology.

So my good news is I have a brailler. A brailler is a braille typewriter. Each of the keys I use correspond to a different dot in the braille cell. I do so well with it because I have a good memory. I am learning a whole new language though. I am going to go for now, but I will write more often now.

Long Time

Sorry I have not written in awhile, but I have been busy. What to tell people. Well I am finished braille 2. I am moving on to braille 3. I will be starting that in October because September is going to be a busy month for me. Everything is in except for my last label assignment. As soon as I get the new label maker I will send it in.

The other label maker was defective and had to get sent back. Apparently I was not the only one with problems. That is nice to know. I am awaiting its arrival. I can not wait. I really enjoyed making labels for things. Oh well.

I was also doing my physical therapy again. This was another reason I was away from this. I was busy with that and by the time I got home, I did not feel like typing. I was tired.

I will type more later. I may wait a little again. I will have to see. Later.

Label Maker

So I know that I had the label maker and did get to use it some. It was defective and I had to send it back. Now I have to wait for a new one. ARG! Oh well I will survive. I sent in all of the labels that I made. So at least I am caught up with everything. All I have to do now is send in the tenth assignment and make the labels when I get the new one. I am so upset that I had to send the other one back. Oh well. Later.


So I was busy last week and that is why I did not write. Today I went to the Apple Store for my 1 to 1 training. What I went over was so simple it makes my head hurt. The man that knows the most about voiceover helped me.I let him know what I wanted to work on and he focused on learning all about that. He actually told me that he was sitting in front of his computer with his eyes closed. His wife thought he was crazy. He told her that he was doing it to help me, so he knew what it was like for me. At least he is trying to see what things are like in my world. That makes me very happy.
What I went for was so simple, once it was figured out. I hate how simple the MAC is to use most of the time. I am running out of ideas for my training. I will figure out something. I am going to go. I will type more later.

What To Say

Well my rehab teacher came today. Last week when she was here, we made pirogues so I knew how to cut them. We made them again today and I did a little better this time. So the next time I have her is July 24th. She is going away for ten days.

I have not yet placed them, but I made up labels with my label maker. I need to put the labels where they need to go and take pictures of them. I then need to describe what the letters or words are and send it to my professor. I am getting sick of the whole braille thing, but I need to do it to learn to read it.

Yesterday was a good day. I went to the mall and did 1 to 1 training for my computer. I like the fact that they are willing to try and help me. That is the best part about the Apple Store. There is one guy that kind of knows accessibility, but he is no expert. I had him and a another guy that was shadowing us. He wants to learn accessibility too and what better way then to deal with someone who needs it all the time. I know people have complained about the Apple Store, but they have always been really nice and helpful with me. VO is an Apple product.

Well I am going to go. I will write next week. Later.