Long Time

Sorry I have not written in awhile, but I have been busy. What to tell people. Well I am finished braille 2. I am moving on to braille 3. I will be starting that in October because September is going to be a busy month for me. Everything is in except for my last label assignment. As soon as I get the new label maker I will send it in.

The other label maker was defective and had to get sent back. Apparently I was not the only one with problems. That is nice to know. I am awaiting its arrival. I can not wait. I really enjoyed making labels for things. Oh well.

I was also doing my physical therapy again. This was another reason I was away from this. I was busy with that and by the time I got home, I did not feel like typing. I was tired.

I will type more later. I may wait a little again. I will have to see. Later.

Label Maker

So I know that I had the label maker and did get to use it some. It was defective and I had to send it back. Now I have to wait for a new one. ARG! Oh well I will survive. I sent in all of the labels that I made. So at least I am caught up with everything. All I have to do now is send in the tenth assignment and make the labels when I get the new one. I am so upset that I had to send the other one back. Oh well. Later.


So I was busy last week and that is why I did not write. Today I went to the Apple Store for my 1 to 1 training. What I went over was so simple it makes my head hurt. The man that knows the most about voiceover helped me.I let him know what I wanted to work on and he focused on learning all about that. He actually told me that he was sitting in front of his computer with his eyes closed. His wife thought he was crazy. He told her that he was doing it to help me, so he knew what it was like for me. At least he is trying to see what things are like in my world. That makes me very happy.
What I went for was so simple, once it was figured out. I hate how simple the MAC is to use most of the time. I am running out of ideas for my training. I will figure out something. I am going to go. I will type more later.

What To Say

Well my rehab teacher came today. Last week when she was here, we made pirogues so I knew how to cut them. We made them again today and I did a little better this time. So the next time I have her is July 24th. She is going away for ten days.

I have not yet placed them, but I made up labels with my label maker. I need to put the labels where they need to go and take pictures of them. I then need to describe what the letters or words are and send it to my professor. I am getting sick of the whole braille thing, but I need to do it to learn to read it.

Yesterday was a good day. I went to the mall and did 1 to 1 training for my computer. I like the fact that they are willing to try and help me. That is the best part about the Apple Store. There is one guy that kind of knows accessibility, but he is no expert. I had him and a another guy that was shadowing us. He wants to learn accessibility too and what better way then to deal with someone who needs it all the time. I know people have complained about the Apple Store, but they have always been really nice and helpful with me. VO is an Apple product.

Well I am going to go. I will write next week. Later.

Another Lesson

So I finished my eighth braille assignment. It took me almost three hours to do, but I got it done. I got things back from my professor today and it was perfectly done. That is good since I actually had to read braille for this assignment. With this one done, I only have two more to do and then I can move onto braille 3. I can't wait for that to happen. I have till the end of the month to get number nine done. I am hoping to get numbers nine and ten done in that time though. I have greatly slowed down. I can only imagine that I will slow down even more with the next two units. Braille 3 is un-contracted which is reading braille letter for letter. Braille 4 is contracted braille. Certain symbols stand for certain things with that one. I will be happy when I am finished with this. I will right more next week. Later.


So I was busy last week and that is why I did not write in the blog. I did finish assignment number 8, so all I have to do is type it up and send it. I also have to take pictures of my braille labels and send those to my professor. That should not be that difficult though.

I am starting to get a little tired of the braille, but it will open doors for me. I know that. I will be able to listen to music and surf the web. I can not do this right now. I have to have voiceover on to do things. Once I know braille I can get a refreshable braille display and do to things at once. This is the main reason I want to learn braille. I want to be able to do more than one thing. I will write more later, but for now I am going to go. Later.

It Is Here

So my long time label maker is here. Yeah! I successfully made two labels and send them in like I was supposed to. It is really nice. The tape and it do not go together though. What is described on it and what I got are two different things. I got a newer and probably a nicer one then what is described. Not everything is different, but enough is. I will hopefully figure it all out.

It does take regular label maker tape, so when I run out I can just buy more. It came preloaded with a roll. There are also three extra rolls with it. Once I really get the hang of it, I will be golden. It will take some time though. I messed up the labels last night that I was trying to make. I thought I had the write letter ready and I had the letter next to it. Oh well, no one is perfect.

Hopefully this will help me to be more independent like I want to be. I will have to make sure stuff is in braille and print for others. The braille is great for me, but others need to know things too. I am so excited about it. Later.