Braille II

So all I have to do is email my professor the final three assignments. There are six total lessons in this first unit and I have three of them in already. I will probably send them off tomorrow. I love email. That is how I have been sending things to her. Not only do I almost have this done, I am also getting a new tape player. The digital player I have from BARD is no longer holding a charge. I called Monday and the nice guy I talked to said that they would send a new player out Tuesday morning. Once I get the new one all I have to do is put the other one in that box and send it back. I did not have to explain anything to him. Wow, sometimes the government can be really good. I did say sometimes. Well I am going to go. Till next week.

Braille I

So I am really chugging along with my first braille course. Hopefully I will be done with it by the end of the month. I have six months to finish it, but I do not need that time. When I intially learned the alphabet, I learned more then I thought. It is helping me go through the first part faster. It is really easy for me, but the review is good and won't hurt. Hopefully this will help me and I am planning on learning braille so I can actually read it. At least that is the plan.


So I am now learning braille. I am starting from the beginning. It is all free, that is the best thing about it. It is through the Hadley School which is corrspondent school. That means it is done through the mail and email. So I am not super rushed to get things done. I like that.

I sent in my first assignment and my professor got back to me. She really liked how well my first assignment was written out. That is a good thing. Now I get to start on lesson number 2.

As for my rehab, last week I made meat sauce for spaghetti. I did try some which is a miracle, because I do not remember ever eating it. I love pizza and never liked spaghetti sauce even though they are both tomato based. I did try it and liked it. So I even impressed myself with that one. She is not coming this week because of her schedule, but I will see her next week.


So last week I made brownies. I was actually able to take them out of the oven because of my nifty gloves. It was nice to do it and not have to rely on anyone else to do it for me.

So tomorrow I am going to brown meat and make spaghetti sauce for dinner. It will be interesting. Hopefully I won't destroy anything. Also hopefully it will be edible. I will tell you about it next week. Later.


So I once again have my rehab. Last week we amended what she is going to do for me. I am going to start taking braille with the Hadley School. The nice thing about this is that it is all free. Sometimes It is nice to be blind. If it was not for my blindness, I would not be getting this.

So tomorrow I think I am going to make brownies. Something new and different. This should be interesting. Later.

My Stuff

Well the microwave is now marked. I do not remember if I said that last week or not. I used my new spatula last week and made grilled cheese and tomato soup. Also my braille teaspoons came last week too. They were on back order so they did not come with everything else. They are so cool though. They have everything from a dash and pinch to 2 tablespoons. The coolest thing is there is a smidgen and drop spoon with them. If you think about it, it does make sense. If you are totally blind and never baked before you would not know what it is. I mean I used to be able to see and I would mess that up. Well till next week.


Well the majority of my things came. I now have mitts that go up to my elbow and are fire retardant.

I guess the biggest deal is that the microwave is marked in braille. Now I can use the microwave. This makes me very excited. I can once again use the microwave. It takes me a little to get the right number, but that is okay with me. I do not mind taking my time to make sure I get the right number.

I haven't really tried the mitts out yet. I will be baking again and that is when I will really get to try them.

I also got a double sided spatula. This week I will get to use that. Hopefully all of these items will greatly help me. Later.